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Using random dots blinking (RDB), which reflects the activity of the higher visual area related to face perception, the following stimuli were presented. (1) Upright: a schematic face; (2) Inverted: the Upright stimulus inverted; and (3) Scrambled: the same contour and features as in Upright but with the spatial relation distorted. Clear negative components(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of the perception of changes in facial emotion was investigated using event-related potentials (ERPs) in children and adults. METHODS Four different conditions were presented: (1) N-H: a neutral face that suddenly changed to a happy face. (2) H-N: reverse of N-H. (3) N-A: a neutral face that suddenly changed to an angry face. (4)(More)
BACKGROUND Protein induced by vitamin K absence (PIVKA)-II, inactive precursor of prothrombin, is elevated in vitamin K (VK) deficiency. Our aims were to find the prevalence of VK deficiency in neonates, assess the utility of international normalized ratio (INR) as a screening tool, and explore the relationship between PIVKA-II, activated partial(More)
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