Mika Suhara

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The auto-oxidation products of astaxanthin were investigated. Astaxanthin was allowed to react with atmospheric oxygen at 55°C in the dark for 35 days. A series of oxidative cleavage products, 7-apoastaxanthinal (1), 9-apoastaxanthinone (2), 11-apoastaxanthinal (3), 13-apoastaxanthinone (4), 15-apoastaxanthinal (5), 14'-apoastaxanthinal (6),(More)
The effect of H2O2 on ferrous human haemoglobin subunits (alphash-, betash-, alphapmb- and betapmb-chains) was studied. These chains were easily transformed to haemichrome by the addition of H2O2 or H2O2-generating systems, including glucose oxidase (EC AND XANTHINE OXIDASE (EC, and this was ascertained by e.p.r. measurements and by(More)
A rare case of carcinoma characterized by extensive chondroid elements at a site of primary esophageal and metastatic lesion is reported. The patient was a 67-year-old man complaining of dysphagia due to an ulcerative lesion at the lower middle esophagus. He underwent irradiation treatment prior to surgery. Histologically, the tumor consisted of both(More)
Eight sperm-activating peptides containing a novel amino acid were isolated from the egg jelly of the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla. Accurate mass measurement of the peptide in FAB mass spectrometry showed that the mass of the novel amino acid residue was 224.978. On the basis of the isotopic ion distribution and the degree of unsaturation, the mass value(More)
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