Mika Nakanishi

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BACKGROUND Microglial cells play important roles in coordinating the inflammatory brain responses to hypoxia and trauma. Ionotropic P2X receptors and metabotropic P2Y receptors (P2YRs) expressed in microglia can be activated by extracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) derived from damaged cells or astrocytes, and participate in the signaling pathways(More)
A 66-year-old man with thrombocytosis was brought to our hospital to undergo removal of a left ventricular thrombus. He had developed cerebral infarction 6 days before presenting to the hospital and suffered from right incomplete hemiparalysis. Blood tests on admission revealed his platelet count to be 124.3 × 10/μl. The urgent removal operation was(More)
We experienced rapid and massive bleeding in a 57-year-old woman undergoing resection of ovarian tumor metastasis. One hour after the start of operation, blood loss increased due to adhesion of the tumor. The blood hemoglobin level decreased from 11.7 to 4.6 g x dl(-1). Since available matched homologous blood had been consumed, we transfused type O(More)
An 88-year-old woman was severely burned on her thigh, leg, arm, buttocks, chest and abdomen in the bathroom and was emergently admitted to our hospital. The burn index was 10.8 and the prognostic burn index (PBI) was 99. The reports of echocardiography, cardiac biomarkers and electrocardiogram showed left ventricular dysfunction with apical akinesis, which(More)
A 70-year-old woman underwent emergent clipping surgery for subarachnoid hemorrhage under general anesthesia. Her laboratory data showed thrombocytopenia (4.0 x 10(4) microl(-1)). She had taken prednisolone (3 mg x day(-1)) and methotrexate (MTX) (10 mg x week(-1)) for rheumatoid arthritis for the last 10 years. Anesthesia was induced with remifentanil as(More)
We experienced a case of scheduled cesarean section under spinal anesthesia in a patient with LAM which had been missed in spite of preoperative medical examination and consultation with specialists but discovered because of perioperative hypoxia A 35-year-old woman, Gravida 1 Para 0, with breech presentation was scheduled to undergo cesarean section under(More)
BACKGROUND The Japanese government promotes palliative care and our hospital has the palliative care team including an anesthesiologist for better end of lives of cancer patients. METHODS From the new point of an anesthesiologist, the outcome and characteristics of patients receiving palliative care in our hospital were examined. RESULTS From August(More)
A 43-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for neck pain, and diagnosis was fixed as purulent spondylitis with retropharyngeal abscess and vocal cord dysfunction. Deteriorating paresthesia, paralysis and airway narrowing needed airway management emergency cervical laminoplasty and abscess drainage under general anesthesia. On standby of an(More)
BACKGROUND We prepared questionnaires for the rotating residents during their assignment for anesthesiology in the novel Japanese residency programs for the year 2004. METHODS Questionnaires consisting of 39 items with 235 model answers for these items were prepared. The residents underwent three interviews by these questionnaires over the three-month(More)
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