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PURPOSE A multicenter field survey of environmental contamination and exposure of healthcare professionals to anticancer drugs were performed. SETTING Three university hospitals, one cancer specialty hospital and two corporate hospitals from across Japan. METHOD The environmental contamination with cyclophosphamide (CP) was investigated. A wipe(More)
PURPOSE In Japan, concerns exist regarding the dangers inherent when handling cytotoxic drugs, particularly drugs such as 5-FU, Thiotepa, Cytarabine, Tegaful, and Sizofiran which are contained in ampoules or vials, since nurses and medical doctors have been preparing these cytotoxic drugs in the open spaces of wards in the absence of appropriate garments(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify actual drug expenditures used in ICUs, and to evaluate the relationship between these expenditures and therapeutic evidence. Test Sites: Ten university hospitals located in six different regions of Japan (Tohoku, Kanto, Chuubu, Kinki, Chuugoku and Kyuushuu areas). DESIGN Cross-sectional surveys of drug expenditures in ICUs throughout(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies for decontamination of antineoplastic compounds have been conducted for decades. Nevertheless, recent studies indicate the contamination of work place in hospitals, and the exposure of workers. In this study, to develop an effective cleaning method for contaminated environments, the degradation efficacies of antineoplastic compounds by(More)
UNLABELLED We conducted a survey of the use of synthetic surgical sutures for the purpose of making clear the current status of their use. METHOD We collected the suture packages used from each surgery over a one month period, and counted the number of sutures. RESULT We found that for aortic aneurysm surgeries, liver surgeries, pancreatic tumor(More)
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