Mika Aho

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In September 2009, an outbreak of 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) took place in a Finnish garrison. In November 2009, we performed a serological survey among 984 recruits undergoing their military service at the garrison and related the results to self-reported upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) with or without fever. Of 346 volunteers who donated a(More)
Reports suggesting an increasing incidence of male genitourinary anomalies such as hypospadias, possibly related to environmental factors such as environmental estrogen-like compounds, have recently received considerable publicity. These reports are based on birth defects registry data, and there may be variation in the completeness of the registries used.(More)
The paper presents a conceptual model for assessing the maturity of a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) in an organization. The CPM maturity development process was studied in five case companies where the author participated into CPM development projects in various consultation roles. Constructive and action-oriented research approaches were used with(More)
This study investigated the presence of norovirus and adenovirus, especially enteric adenovirus, on the environmental surfaces (n = 481) and military conscripts’ hands (n = 109) in two Finnish garrisons (A and B) in 2013 and 2014. A questionnaire study was conducted to reveal possible correlations between viral findings on the conscripts’ hands and their(More)
Background in ethnomusicology. In ethnomusicology the emotional expressiveness of musical performances still remains a minimally discussed topic. The expansion of local styles such as gypsy swing to global scales prompts one to seek cross-cultural bodily gestures behind the expressive conventions of musical styles; furthermore, such expressive conventions(More)
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