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The snRNP core proteins (B, D3, D2, D1, E, F, and G) assemble with snRNA and form the snRNP core particle with a suggested stoichiometry of B2[D1, D2(E, F, G)2]D3. The newly synthesized snRNP core proteins are stored in the cytoplasm in three RNA-free complexes of (1) B at 2S-6S; (2) [D1, D2(E, F, G)2] at 6S; and (3) (B, D3, and 69 kDa) at 20S. The snRNP(More)
The research involved 95 pure breed Croatian sheepdogs, 48 females and 47 males ranging in age from 1 to 12 years. Blood samples were taken to establish certain biochemical indicators No changes were observed through comparison of average values. Blood samples of 30 dogs, from that group, also were taken to establish blood group DEA (Dog Erythrocyte(More)
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