Mijeom J. Kim

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Testosterone regulates energy metabolism and skeletal muscle mass in males, but the molecular mechanisms are not fully understood. This study investigated the response of skeletal muscle to castration and testosterone replacement in 8-week-old male mice. Using microarray analyses of mRNA levels in gastrocnemius muscle, 91 genes were found to be negatively(More)
We propose a service discovery architecture called VSD (Service Discovery based on Volunteers) for heterogeneous and dynamic pervasive computing environments. The proposed architecture uses a small subset of the nodes called volunteers that perform directory services. Relatively stable and capable nodes serve as volunteers, thus recognizing node(More)
Frailty occurs in aging males for a variety of reasons. It is less common in males than females. Diseases which are particularly associated with frailty are diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, anemia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Insulin resistance syndrome plays a pathogenetic role in the "fat-frail" syndrome. Sarcopenia occurs predominantly(More)
There has been a long search for the best approach of ensuring successful aging. The remarkable demographic transformations in this century have not only led to increased medical needs of older people, who often have multiple chronic conditions, decrements in functional ability and age-related disease, but also to the increase of social expenditures, such(More)
Most persons with diabetes mellitus are over the age of 60 years. Males develop diabetes more commonly than females. Older diabetics tend to have both impaired insulin release as well as insulin resistance. In older persons diabetes mellitus is associated with decreased functional status and cognitive dysfunction. In general, older persons with diabetes are(More)
Testosterone levels decline over the lifespan. Many symptoms of hypogonadism are similar to age-related changes in older males. A small number of studies have suggested that some of these symptoms may be reversed by testosterone. Among them, one trial has suggested that decline in bioavailable testosterone may be related to the development of functional(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of voluntary activity or midterm examination on self-esteem, health-promoting lifestyle, immunoglobulin in Nursing college student. Voluntary activity provides positive emotion (higher score of self-esteem) and midterm examination provides high level stress to students. Emotion and stress affect immune(More)