Miin-Shyue Shiau

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In this paper, a new design for efficiency enhance switching-capacitor DC-DC voltage converter based on combination of traditional charge-transfer-switch charge pump and cross-coupled output stage. In order to get a high output power and pump-efficiency. By using multi-phase technique, its can increase both of pump-efficiency and power-efficiency. The(More)
This study proposes an integrated analog measuring interface IC chip module used for portable personal healthcare electrocardiograph (ECG) system by considering factors of chip size, weight, portability, and fabrication simplicity. An instrumentation amplifier with an active DC suppression feedback, a “driven right leg (DRL)” circuit, and an(More)
CMOS pseudo differential operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) has been proposed in this study. It can operate with significantly low supply voltage and provides respectable high output impedance. Besides, it enhances the common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) by using a special common mode feed forward (CMFF) technology. The chip has been manufactured(More)
In this study a low supply voltage CMOS pseudo differential operational trans conductance amplifier (OTA) with CMFF and HD3-FF to improve CMRR and THD is proposed. Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is improved by using the common mode feed forward (CMFF) technology and the THD is simulated result of improved by using a HD3 feed forward (HD3-FF). The(More)
In this paper, the charge pump (CP) based on a switches-in-source architecture is to be improved by gainboosting amplifiers for phase-locked loops (PLLs). In our design, two differential amplifiers were employed in this CP to reduce the effect of the channel length modulation in MOS transistors. As a result, the up and down currents will be rather(More)
An enhanced high-efficiency switching-capacitor DC-DC voltage converter based on the combination of charge transfer switch (CTS) charge pump and cross-coupled output stage is presented. Some motivated methods to overcome the reverse charge sharing problem of traditional CTS charge pump are discussed and a new mixed structure is proposed to conquer the(More)
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