Miia Kaartinen

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We aimed to construct and validate a shortened form of the developmental, diagnostic and dimensional interview (3Di), a parent report interview for assessing and diagnosing autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs). Data from 879 children and young people were used. In half of the sample (n = 440) reliability analysis was used to identify 3Di items that best(More)
The present study investigated whether autonomic arousal to direct gaze is related to social impairments among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Arousal was measured through skin conductance responses (SCR) while the participants (15 children with ASD and 16 control children) viewed a live face of another person. Impairments in social skills was(More)
Twenty-seven boys and eight girls with ASD and thirty-five controls matched for gender, age and total score intelligence were studied to ascertain whether boys and girls with ASD display stronger reactive aggression than boys and girls without ASD. Participants performed a computerized version of the Pulkkinen aggression machine that examines the intensity(More)
Sustained autonomic arousal during eye contact could cause the impairments in eye contact behavior commonly seen in autism. The aim of the present study was to re-analyze the data from a study by Kaartinen et al. (J Autism Develop Disord 42(9):1917-1927, 2012) to investigate the habituation of autonomic arousal responses to repeated facial stimuli and the(More)
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