Mihri Ozkan

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BACKGROUND Many peptide-based cancer vaccines have been tested in clinical trials with a limited success, mostly due to difficulties associated with peptide stability and delivery, resulting in inefficient antigen presentation. Therefore, the development of suitable and efficient vaccine carrier systems remains a major challenge. METHODS To address this(More)
Patterning of biomolecules on graphene layers could provide new avenues to modulate their electrical properties for novel electronic devices. Single-stranded deoxyribonucleic acids (ssDNAs) are found to act as negative-potential gating agents that increase the hole density in single-layer graphene. Current-voltage measurements of the hybrid ssDNA/graphene(More)
Oxygen annealing of thick MoS2 films results in randomly oriented and controllable triangular etched shapes, forming pits with uniform etching angles. These etching morphologies differ across the sample based on the defect sites situated on the basal plane surface, forming numerous features in different bulk sample thicknesses.
ith MP3 player capacity at more than 60 GB, digital camera memory surpassing 1 GB, and standard personal computers boasting over 1 GB random access memory (RAM), the old Commodore 64s (64 KB RAM) and 3 1/2-in floppy drives (1.44 MB) make us wonder how did we ever survive? New memory technologies such as FLASH have had a huge impact on consumers , as have(More)
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