Mihoko Yokota

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Mitochondrial protein traffic requires coordinated operation of protein translocator complexes in the mitochondrial membrane. The TIM23 complex translocates and inserts proteins into the mitochondrial inner membrane. Here we analyze the intermembrane space (IMS) domains of Tim23 and Tim50, which are essential subunits of the TIM23 complex, in these(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the cloned DNA, 1,478 bp in length coding for glutathione synthetase (GSH-II) of E. coli B has been determined. Amino acid and nucleotide sequence analyses have assigned the open reading frame for GSH-II, starting with the ATG near its 5' terminus. The molecular weight calculated from the predicted amino acid sequence is 35,559(More)
Newly synthesized mitochondrial precursor proteins have to become unfolded by the mitochondrial Hsp70 (mtHsp70) import motor to cross the mitochondrial membranes. To assess the mechanism of unfolding of precursor proteins by mtHsp70, we designed a system to measure step sizes of the mtHsp70 import motor, which are distances at which the motor system moves(More)
Mitochondria import most of their resident proteins from the cytosol, and the import receptor Tom20 of the outer-membrane translocator TOM40 complex plays an essential role in specificity of mitochondrial protein import. Here we analyzed the effects of Tom20 binding on NMR spectra of a long mitochondrial presequence and found that it contains two distinct(More)
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