Mihoko Okada

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Pulse wave patterns at a finger and a toe are obtained using photoplethysmography. The data recorded at two recording sites are transformed by digital filters into six waveforms and the transmission time of each wave is estimated by the crosscorrelation function. Relationships between the transmission times, age, and parameters obtained from several(More)
An intelligent terminal has been developed to provide the clinical staffs with a means of utmost simplicity to communicate with the computer. Only 16 keys and a single switch are all which are involved in any terminal operation. The members of the operating system are the interpreter of TEXTOR (a language developed in this study), editor, monitor, and(More)
To help clinicians find better evidence, a metadata schema for Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is developed. Dublin Core metadata standard (DC) was adopted to help build a metadata schema. An experimental system was developed to test the validity of the metadata and full text papers of clinical therapy on stomach ulcer extracted using PubMed. An EBM metadata(More)
A computer-based learning system called Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Laboratory has been developed for students to acquire knowledge and practical skills of EPR systems. The Laboratory is basically for self-learning. Among the subjects dealt with in the system is health information ethics. We consider this to be of the utmost importance for personnel(More)
Health statistics is an essential element to improve the ability of managers of health institutions, healthcare researchers, policy makers, and health professionals to formulate appropriate course of reactions and to make decisions based on evidence. To ensure adequate health statistics, standards are of critical importance. A study on healthcare statistics(More)
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