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BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the fifth most common cancer type and the third highest cause of cancer death worldwide, develops in different types of liver injuries, and is mostly associated with cirrhosis. However, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease often causes HCC with less fibrosis, and the number of patients with this disease is rapidly(More)
A case of basilar artery occlusion is reported. The patient suddenly developed dizziness and weakness of the right side. Computed tomography scanning showed focal low attenuation in the left quadrangular lobule of the pons. Cerebral angiography demonstrated proximal occlusion of the basilar artery and significant collateral flow in the posterior fossa from(More)
105 patients over a 5-year period underwent emergency evacuation of traumatic intracranial hematomas. Seven (6.7%) developed delayed contralateral extracerebral hematomas (5 epidural and 2 subdural hematomas). These hematomas were insignificant or not present on initial computed tomography (CT) scan, but repeat CT scan after craniotomy showed sizable(More)
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