Miho Funaki

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In hemophilia A, routine prophylaxis with exogenous factor VIII (FVIII) requires frequent intravenous injections and can lead to the development of anti-FVIII alloantibodies (FVIII inhibitors). To overcome these drawbacks, we screened asymmetric bispecific IgG antibodies to factor IXa (FIXa) and factor X (FX), mimicking the FVIII cofactor function. Since(More)
While antibody engineering improves the properties of therapeutic antibodies, optimization of regions that do not contact antigens has been mainly focused on modifying the effector functions and pharmacokinetics of antibodies. We recently reported an asymmetric anti-FIXa/FX bispecific IgG4 antibody, ACE910, which mimics the cofactor function of FVIII by(More)
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