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The typical approach for declaratively reasoning about phenomena that evolves in time is to use a cognitive system centered on the given problem domain ontology as a vehicle for knowledge representation and processing. Current ontological-based approaches are successful only for the static structural description of a given domain of discourse. We present a(More)
Please cite this as"Lorina Negreanu, Cristian Giumale, Alexandru Agache, Mihnea Muraru, Matei Popovici, Ciprian Dobre, A Formal Approach for the Development of Service-Oriented Applications, in Proc. of 18th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS-18), Bucharest, Romania, 2011, pp. 804-810, ISSN: 2066-4451, Politehnica Press"
Using " DNA Computing " , a form of computation detailed further in the article, we design a model for a molecular computer – a Molecular Turing Machine. We explain the applicable molecular operations and their extensibility on the model. Finally we develop a Simulator aimed at studying the behavior of the Molecular Turing Machine. As part of the Simulator(More)
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