Mihiri Mendis

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BACKGROUND Consumption of dry beans has been relatively flat over the last decade. Creating new bean products may increase the consumption of beans and allow more consumers to obtain the health benefits of beans. In this study, pinto, navy and black beans were milled and the resulting flours extruded into puffs. Unflavored extruded puffs were evaluated by(More)
Arabinoxylan (AX) is a non-starch polysaccharide found in many cereal grains and is considered as a dietary fiber. Despite their general structure, there is structural heterogeneity among AX originating from different botanical sources. Furthermore, the extraction procedure and hydrolysis by xylolytic enzymes can further render differences to theses AX. The(More)
This paper continues the review of gasifier monitoring results by presenting details from units in Vanuatu and in Mail A presentation of all the data in a summarised form is made and the advantages and dangers of installation evaluation based on data in such a form are highlighted. Values, typical of gasifiers in the field, are presented for many of the 19(More)
Cereal Chem. 90(3):240–248 Arabinoxylans (AX), xylanase, and xylanase inhibitors have an important role in many cereal food processing applications. The effects of genotype, growing location, and their interaction (G × L) on AX, apparent xylanase activity, and apparent xylanase inhibition activity of Triticum aestivum xylanase inhibitor (TAXI) and xylanase(More)
The use of plant derived polysaccharides as health promoters has gained immense interest in the past few years. Arabinoxylan (AX) is the predominant non-starch polysaccharide in cereals and grasses including wheat. The current research aimed to investigate the structure-function relationship of arabinoxylan hydrolyzates (AXH), obtained by the enzymatic(More)
Inflammation is an important healthy immune response of the body during lesions and infection. However, uncontrolled excessive inflammation can be damaging to the cells. The specific objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of structural details of enzymatically derived wheat arabinoxylan hydrolyzates (AXH) on their immunomodulatory properties.(More)
Structurally different wheat arabinoxylan hydrolyzates (AXH) were generated using different combinations of Cellvibrio japonicas xylanase (CJX), Aspergillus niger xylanase (ANX), Bifidobacterium adolescentis arabinofuranosidase (BAF) and Clostridium thermocellum arabinofuranosidase (CAF). Between the two xylanases, ANX might be an enzyme of choice for the(More)
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