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BACKGROUND Improving child health and reducing child mortality rate are key health priorities in developing countries. This study aimed to identify determinant sand develop, a web-based child mortality prediction model in Ethiopian local language using classification data mining algorithm. METHODS Decision tree (using J48 algorithm) and rule induction(More)
Cost and benefit analyses are crucial for eHealth interventions, especially in low and middle income countries (LMIC). We performed a scoping review, with goals to acquire an overview of cost-benefit studies and to collect indicators that are being used for costs and savings with respect to eHealth. Of all retrieved articles, 29 were included in our(More)
BACKGROUND Non-adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) is strongly associated with virologic rebound and drug resistance. Studies have shown that the most frequently mentioned reason for missing ART doses is the forgetfulness of patients to take their medications on time. Therefore using communication devices as reminder tools, for example alarms,(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare and clinical laboratory practices are constantly evolving, leading a need for evidence-based practice (EBP) among all laboratory professionals. However, EBP among laboratory professionals has not yet been studied in Ethiopia. AIMS This study aimed to determine EBP and associated factors among medical laboratory professionals in West(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a problem-solving approach to patient care based on the best available and valid evidence. It is accentuated to increase the quality of care and patient safety. EBP in clinical service is low in developing countries including Ethiopia. This study aimed at assessing EBP and associated factors among health(More)
INTRODUCTION Even though nursing care documentation is an important part of nursing practice, it is commonly left undone. The objective of this study was to assess nursing care documentation practice and the associated factors among nurses who are working at the University of Gondar Hospital. METHODS An institution-based cross-sectional study was(More)
BACKGROUND The fifth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targeted at improving maternal health. In this regard, Ethiopia has shown substantial progresses in the past two decades. Nonetheless, these impressive gains are unevenly distributed among Ethiopian women with different socio-economic characteristics. This study aimed at investigating levels and trends(More)
Press freedom and worldwide internet access have opened ample opportunity for a staggering number of poor open access journals and junk publishers to emerge. Dubious publishers are abusing and camouflaging the golden open access model. In 2012, Jeffery Beall shed light on the predatory journals (as he preferred to call them) and the threat to open access(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal mortality and morbidity are the priority agenda for sub-Saharan Africa including Ethiopia. Uterine rupture is the leading cause of maternal and fetal death in developing countries. Limited evidence is available on the magnitude of uterine rupture; maternal and fetal outcomes of uterine rupture and factors associated with maternal death(More)
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