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Dendritic cells (DC) play a central role in antigen presentation and are often targeted by adenoviral (Ad)-based gene therapy. However, DC lack the coxsackie-Ad receptor, and little is known about the process by which they acquire and present Ad-encoded antigens. We examined the expression of alpha(v)beta3 integrins (CD51/CD61) on mouse bone marrow-derived(More)
The level of antigen loading can impact on the capacity for dendritic cells (DC) to activate T cell responses. Several different approaches to adenoviral (Ad)-based transduction were therefore assessed for their effect on both transgene expression and T cell activation. While a conventional E1(-)/E3Delta Ad vector (Ad/GFP) produced a concentration-dependent(More)
Image quality assessment is fundamental as it affects the level of confidence in any output obtained from image analysis. Clinical research imaging scans do not often come with an explicit evaluation of their quality, however reports are written associated to the patient/volunteer scans. This rich free-text documentation has the potential to provide(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is the gold standard method for the assessment of cardiac structure and function. Reference ranges permit differentiation between normal and pathological states. To date, this study is the largest to provide CMR specific reference ranges for left ventricular, right ventricular, left atrial and right atrial(More)
1 Background UK Biobank 5 is a large scale population study that started in 2006 aimed at improving the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, stroke or cardiac pathologies [2]. The recruitment of volunteers took place at the national level and reached the considerable number of 500,000 volunteers aged 40-69(More)
INTRODUCTION Lupin allergy remains a significant cause of food-induced allergic reactivity and anaphylaxis. Previous work suggests a strong association with legume allergy and peanut allergy in particular. Both doctors and the public have little awareness of lupin as an allergen. CASE PRESENTATION Case 1 was a 41-year-old Caucasian woman without previous(More)
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