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Pentoxifylline, a new trisubstituted methylxanthine derivative, is the most well known of a new group of hemorheologic agents. It has been shown to improve hemorheologic abnormalities associated with diabetes and atherosclerosis. The authors examined the role of pentoxifylline in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. Forty diabetic patients with foot(More)
A multilayer structure consisting of alternate layers of W and B4C has been deposited using a magnetron sputtering system. The structure of the as-deposited and vacuum-annealed W/B4C multilayer sample has been characterized using grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity, grazing incidence diffraction, and the normal incidence reflectivity has been measured(More)
CONTEXT Despite efforts in restorative therapy, children who experience Early Childhood Caries (ECC) continue to be at a higher risk for new lesions in both the primary and the permanent dentition. Early interventions which disrupt the pathobiology of caries need identification of all the causative or risk factors. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This study dealt(More)