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Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), based on already well-researched Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), has been under vigorous scrutiny since recent developments in robot technology. Robots may be more successful in establishing common ground in project-based education or foreign language learning for children than in traditional media. Backed by its strong IT(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine the appropriateness and effectiveness of the assistive use of robot projector based augmented reality (AR) to children’s dramatic activity. A system that employ a mobile robot mounted with a projector-camera is used to help manage children’s dramatic activity by projecting backdrops and creating a synthetic video(More)
With physical actions and digital effects conjoined, Augmented Reality technology generates the ‘flow effect’ (concentration) and encourages motivation. For this reason, there have been recent increases in the number of the studies looking at how AR can be applied to education. Similarly, we deployed a projector-robot at a kindergarten to support AR based(More)
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