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— The huge investment in the design and production of multicore processors may be put at risk because the emerging highly miniaturized but unreliable fabrication technologies will impose significant barriers to the lifelong reliable operation of future chips. Extremely complex, massively parallel, multi-core processor chips fabricated in these technologies(More)
A deterministic software-based self-testing methodology for processor cores is introduced that efficiently tests the processor datapath modules without any modification of the processor structure. It provides a guaranteed high fault coverage without repetitive fault simulation experiments which is necessary in pseudorandom software-based processor(More)
ŠEVER-INCREASING MARKET DEMANDS for higher computational performance at lower cost and power consumption continually drive processor vendors to develop new microprocessor generations. Every new generation incorporates technology innovations from different research domains, such as microelectronics, digital-circuit design, and computer architecture. All(More)
Software-based self-test (SBST) has recently emerged as an effective methodology for the manufacturing test of processors and other components in Systems-on-Chip (SoCs). By moving test related functions from external resources to the SoC's interior, in the form of test programs that the on-chip processor executes, SBST eliminates the need for high-cost(More)