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The melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) plays an important role in weight and energy homeostasis and it is associated with lower risk to develop obesity and lower body mass index. The contribution of MC4R mutation to obesity in Vojvodina (Northern Province of Serbia), known as a region with the largest number of overweight people, has not been previously(More)
The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a polygenic multifactorial metabolic disorder with strong socioeconomic influence. MetS has became a worldwide epidemic, that directly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus. The human apoE gene, coding Apolipoprotein E, has three common polymorphisms in human population: e2, e3 and e4,(More)
We investigated the population genetic structure of wild boars from Vojvodina (Serbia), Slavonija (Croatia) and Bosnia using four microsatellite markers. All loci presented a high degree of polymorphism and a total of 76 alleles (mean 19 alleles per locus) were detected. Average observed heterozygosity (H o) value was 0.60. Deviation from Hardy-Weinberg(More)
It is well known that there is heterogeneity of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) within and among natural populations of same species. The polymorphism level of particular regions of mtDNA gives valuable results in detection of population genetic structure. The aim of this paper was to detect polymorphism of three mtDNA regions: cytochrome oxidase I (COI), Control(More)
The pheasant breeds are widely used for restocking of natural populations depleted by hunting. The pheasant population number decline was detected during the 1970s in many hunting areas of Europe. One of its possible reasons might be the loss of adaptability in populations originating from breeding stations, which was caused by inbreeding depression. The(More)
Wild boar (Sus scrofa), one of the most widespread wildlife species, has entered a stage of continuous growth in Europe, and could even be considered a pest species. We analysed microsatellite variability in 723 wild boars from across Europe, including the northern Dinaric Balkans. Our aims were: (1) to define the population structure of wild boars in the(More)
Eumerus is one of the most diverse genera of hoverfly worldwide. Species delimitation within genus is considered to be difficult due to: (a) lack of an efficient key; (b) non-defined taxonomical status of a large number of species; and (c) blurred nomenclature. Here, we present the first molecular study to delimit species of the genus by using a fragment of(More)
The determination of genetic background in metabolic syndrome (MetS) represents one of the necessary steps to prevent the disorder, thus reducing the cost of medical treatments and helping to design targeted therapy. The study explores the association between individual alleles of the LRP1 gene and the diagnosis of MetS to find correlation between the(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Aim of the study was to compare radiobiological effects of multiple vs. single low-dose pre-irradiation on the HT29 cell line. This regime is designed to be as similar as possible to fractionated tumour radiotherapy treatment, and to provide data on radiobiological effects on human tumour cells. MATERIAL AND METHODS The cell line used in(More)
The analysis of 12 X-STR loci included in the Investigator® Argus X-12 kit was performed on a sample of 325 unrelated persons from Vojvodina Province, Republic of Serbia. No significant differences were observed in the allele frequencies in males and females. Heterozygosity values among the studied loci ranged from 67.62 to 94.28%. All loci in female(More)