Mihailo Kolundzija

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Frequently, we use the Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse (MPP) even in cases when we do not require all of its defining properties. But if the running time and the storage size are critical, we can do better. By discarding some constraints needed for the MPP, we gain freedom to optimize other aspects of the new pseudoinverse. A sparser pseudoinverse reduces the(More)
The papers at this Convention have been selected on the basis of a submitted abstract and extended precis that have been peer reviewed by at least two qualified anonymous reviewers. This convention paper has been reproduced from the author’s advance manuscript, without editing, corrections, or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no(More)
Sound fields are essentially band-limited phenomena, both temporally and spatially. This implies that a spatially sampled sound field respecting the Nyquist criterion is effectively equivalent to its continuous original. We describe Sound Field Reconstruction (SFR)—a technique that uses the previously stated observation to express the reproduction of a(More)
Wave field synthesis (WFS) is a prevalent approach to multiple-loudspeaker sound reproduction for an extended listening area. Although powerful as a theoretical concept, its deployment is hampered by practical limitations due to diffraction, aliasing, and the effects of the listening room. Reconstructing the desired sound field in the listening area,(More)
We consider the problem of multiple-loudspeaker low-frequency room equalization for a wide listening area, where the equalized loudspeaker is helped using the remaining ones. Using a spatial discretization of the listening area, we formulate the problem as a multipoint error minimization between desired and synthesized magnitude frequency responses. The(More)
In this work we consider an ad-hoc audio conferensing system based on VoIP services in which the participants connect to the conference using mobile communication devices with wireless connectivity. To overcome possible quality problems in the wireless link in this configuration, we propose improvements to the existing conferencing systems. Some networking(More)
APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing / Volume 3 / 2014 / e18 DOI: 10.1017/ATSIP.2014.13, Published online: 22 December 2014 Link to this article: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S2048770314000134 How to cite this article: Francisco Pinto, Mihailo Kolundžija and Martin Vetterli (2014). Digital acoustics: processing wave elds in(More)
Super-directional loudspeaker arrays can be used to achieve high directivity in a limited low-frequency range. As opposed to microphone arrays, the distance between the loudspeakers has to be relatively large, resulting in aliasing starting at relatively low frequencies. On the other hand, mounting a loudspeaker on a rigid baffle (e.g., a rigid cylinder or(More)