Mihail Marinov

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In the period 1976–1987, the number of intracranial arachnoid cysts treated at our institute was 60: sylvian, 29; midline supratentorial, 13; subtentorial, 18. The diagnosis was mainly made by means of the results of a combination of CT, dynamic cisternography, and ventriculography. Based on an analysis of the preoperative investigations and operative(More)
Blood samples obtained from 499 cows, 512 sheep, and 106 dogs, coming from villages with Lyme disease in humans, were studied for IgG against Borrelia burgdorferi by IIFA. Antibodies to B. burgdorferi were detected in 56.25 % from the sheep, in 54.31 % from the cows, and in 22.64 % from the dogs studied. Data obtained with the cows not treated against(More)
Invasion of bone and critical neurovascular structures often impedes complete resection of intraosseous skull base neoplasms, and these lesions tend to recur unless all infiltrated bone is removed. Evolving experience with image guidance over the past few years indicates the potential value of neuronavigation in skull base lesions diffusely infiltrating or(More)
Cigarette smoking is a serious health problem of our society. It is known that cigarette smoke is a cell mutagen and carcinogen, and that it may affect adversely male fertility. The possible detrimental effects on sperm cells are of great interest but the data available to support this statement are somewhat elusive. To approach this problem we examined(More)
During a 20-year period (1964–1983), the authors managed 60 children with intracranial ependymomas. In 37 patients the tumors were located in the posterior cranial fossa, and in the remaining 23 they were supratentorial. The histological examination in 26 children revealed ependymoblastomas. The average duration of the clinical evolution was 4 months and 5(More)
A retrospective study was performed in 100 children, who were operated on between 1954 and 1984 for cerebellar astrocytoma. Twenty-nine patients died during the 1st month after the operation. Of the patients who survived, 24 lived up to 5 years, 17 up to 10 years, and 30 lived 20 or more years. In 22 cases, tumor recurrence was the reason for reoperation.(More)
In a controlled double blind experiment the influence of a continuous i.v. infusion of Nimodipine (1 microgram kg-1 min-1) upon infarct size, histopathology and neurological outcome in rats with permanent middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion was examined. The infusion was started 20 min. before the induction of ischemia and continued 4 hours thereafter.(More)
BACKGROUND Virtual endoscopy (VE) is a new and promising imaging technology. Applied to neuroendoscopy it allows preoperative simulation of a procedure and evaluation of the individual intraventricular anatomy in selected cases. Along with neuronavigation and real time intraoperative imaging, VE is expected to improve the safety and efficacy of(More)
Thirteen cases of the Dandy-Walker syndrome were seen over a period of 12 years. In this study their preoperative evaluation, surgical treatment and outcome is reviewed. The incidence of hydrocephalus in the series was 77%. Eight of the patients had associated central nervous system anomalies, and the need to identify these abnormalities is stressed.(More)