Mihail Kurochkin

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In 45 newborns, operated on for the inborn failures of gut, the markers of stress and indices of central hemodynamics were studied up. General anaesthesia was applied together with caudal-epidural injection of local anaesthetics in 15 newborns, in 15--the adjuvants--klophelline and promedol--were added to local anaesthetics, in 15--a standard atharalgesia(More)
The aim of the work was to develop criteria of perioperative intensive therapy efficiency in surgical neonates by hemodynamic, acid--base status, oxygen transport and pulmonary hydration studying and evaluating. The study of hemodynamics, oxygen transport, pulmonary hydration was performed in 69 infants with surgical pathology. In 36 children neuroaxial(More)
Anatomic research have been done on 20 dead bodies of newborns for updating of caudal block level. For definition of caudal block level it was proved, that injection of coloring agent in volume of 0.5 ml/kg, 1 ml/kg and 1.2 ml/kg promotes reaching middle thoracic, high thoracic and highest level of epidural block. Analysis of hemodynamic and serum cortisol(More)
Investigation of markers of humoral stress was conducted in 25 babies (the main group), in whom a central neuroaxial blocade was performed while doing various surgical interventions. In a control group there were included 20 babies, in whom a standard atharalgesia was applied. The best efficacy was achieved while anesthesia using central neuroaxial blocade.