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Depression leads to disturbances in physiological rhythms, which result in disturbances in circadian sleep-wake cycles, hormonal secretion patterns and fluctuations in mood, all of which can be objectively measured. These disturbances, which are associated with depression, can be also used to define depression. Beyond these "transversal" time-related(More)
Prenatal stress and depression affects 10-25% of pregnant women and is associated with disruption of fetal neurodevelopment, higher rates of placental abnormalities, preeclampsia, spontaneous abortion, or preterm birth. Markers of genetic vulnerability are catechol-O-methyltransferase, monoamine oxidase-A, variation of serotonin transporters, low levels of(More)
Stress has been defined as the state of a body threatened by imbalance under the influence of agents or conditions endangering its homeostatic mechanisms but the concept have multiple meanings in correlation with the origin and biological support of its effects. Also, stressors are multiple, recording one of the highest levels during the academic studies.(More)
INTRODUCTION Schizophrenia is the most severe psychiatric illness, with a biological support in the brain. There is evidence that the adequate dopamine balance in the frontal cortex is associated with a better outcome of the disorder, while the alteration of dopamine mechanism at this level may affect the vascular system leading to secondary neuronal(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of the study was to evaluate the amplitude of tobacco and alcohol consumption among two populations living in urban, respectively rural areas in the South-Western part of the country. The presence of the two risky behaviours during the pregnancy was also analysed. MATERIAL AND METHOD A number of 1,200 people, men and women, aged(More)
Paranoid schizophrenia with long-term course is a challenge for the clinical and therapeutic research, particularly because chronic course is difficult to identify due to the high rate of mortality in this category of patients. The therapeutic stability on an antipsychotic molecule (haloperidol) is indeed an exception, since the current trend in the case of(More)
Introduction: Conflicts and family violence, child abuse, low family support or lack thereof exacerbated affectivity, daily stress and alienation of the traditional model of the family and its protective climate cause psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, etc.). Material and Methods: Multidisciplinary study on family model(More)
The medical secret is the essence of the relationship doctor patient with mental disorders. Medical confidentiality is one of the most important values, stipulated since ancient times and currently regulated in various norms and ethical documents. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the perception of the medical staff regarding the confidentiality and(More)
Schizophrenia has a prevalence of about 1% of the people over 45 years old, more than 75% of the cases having a chronic evolution with major impact on the patients’ global functioning level and implicitly on their social-familial and professional integration. A focal point in the evolution of schizophrenia is the cognitive deficit. This research aims at(More)
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