Mihail Angelov

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By screening for bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacteria of 1,428 strains isolated from authentic Bulgarian dairy products, Lb. bulgaricus BB18 strain obtained from kefir grain was selected. Out of 11 yogurt starters containing Lb. bulgaricus BB18 and S. thermophilus strains resistant to bacteriocin secreted by Lb. bulgaricus BB18 a yogurt culture (S.(More)
The aim of this work is to describe the kinetics of yogurt starter culture production by S.thermophilus 13ɚ and Lb. bulgaricus 2-11 and to quantitatively analyse the effect of different dissolved oxygen concentration in the milk on the process trend. Five different mathematical models for description of process kinetics are tested and the best one is(More)
In the present paper, the protection of information when using the remainders theorem as a means of cryptographic protection is analyzed. A classification of the attempt for illegal decryption is offered. Various types of decryptive attacks are considered. For each of them the number of checks necessary for the successful attack completion is specified.(More)
The present paper presents a hybrid model of yogurt starter mixed culture fermentation. The main nonlinearities within a classical structure of continuous process model are replaced by neural networks. The new hybrid model accounts for the dependence of the two microorganisms' kinetics from the on-line measured characteristics of the culture medium – pH.(More)
Fourteen skin biopsies (taken from the lumbosacral region) of patients with Bekhterev's disease were studied. Some histological changes in the connective tissue of the skin were followed up. Deposited immunogenic matters in the skin structures and the presence of circulating (serum) autoantibodies were looked for by immunofluorescence. In seven patients--a(More)
In the present paper on-line action-dependent heuristic neuro-dynamic programming was applied for optimization of a complex nonlinear production process. The approach is based on recurrent neural network architecture — Echo state network (ESN) — as critic network within the frame of adaptive critic design (ACD) scheme. The subject for(More)
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