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Chlorhexidine (CHX) is one of the most commonly prescribed antiseptic agents in the dental field. It has a long-lasting antibacterial activity with a broad-spectrum of action and it has been shown to reduce plaque, gingival inflammation and bleeding. Its use is considered a powerful adjuvant to mechanical oral hygiene (brushing and flossing), especially in(More)
In the multicore era, sequential programs need to be refactored for parallelism. The next version of Java provides <i>ParallelArray</i>, an array datastructure that supports parallel operations over the array elements. For example, one can <i>apply</i> a procedure to each element, or <i>reduce</i> all elements to a new element in parallel. Refactoring an(More)
BACKGROUND The main objective of regenerative periodontal therapy is to completely restore the periodontal tissues lost. This review summarizes the most recent evidence in support of scaffold- and cell-based tissue engineering, which are expected to play a relevant role in next-generation periodontal regenerative therapy. METHODS A literature search(More)
Two-piece implant systems are mainly used in oral implantology involving an osseointegrated implant connected to an abutment, which supports prosthetic structures. It is well documented that the presence of microgaps, biofilms and oral fluids at the implant-abutment connection can cause mechanical and biological complications. The aim of this review paper(More)
Atypical odontalgia (AO) is a little known chronic pain condition. It usually presents as pain in a site where a tooth was endodontically treated or extracted, in the absence of clinical or radiographic evidence of tooth pathology. It is a rare clinical challenge for most clinicians, which leads to the patients being referred to several specialists and(More)
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