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An overview of text steganography
Steganography embeds a secret message inside an innocent looking cover medium, stealthily, without creating any attention. Expand
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Development of Semantic Web-based Knowledge Management for Nuclear Reactor (KMNuR) Porta
A web portal for nuclear reactor domain has been developed and is christened as Knowledge Management for Nuclear Reactor (KMNuR). Expand
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Matrix rank-based ontology matching: an extension of string equality matching
String-based algorithm and the analogy of the total number of deviations that exist between two matrices are utilised for ontology matching. Expand
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Application of Pareto optimization method for ontology matching in nuclear reactor domain
Abstract This article describes the need for ontology matching and describes the methods to achieve the same. Efforts are put in the implementation of the semantic web based knowledge managementExpand
Neural Network Modeling for Evaluating Sodium Temperature of Intermediate Heat Exchanger of Fast Breeder Reactor
This paper addresses the training of artificial neural network model to precisely estimate the sodium temperature of Sodium-Sodium (Na-Na) Intermediate Heat exchanger and studying its behaviour at transient conditions. Expand
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Application of Genetic Algorithm methodologies in fuel bundle burnup optimization of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor
Abstract The work carried out as a part of application and comparison of GA techniques in nuclear reactor environment is presented in the study. The nuclear fuel management optimization problemExpand
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TKBG — The knowledge based grep using self-key discovery and semantic linking for online resources
The tremendous growth of information resources in the World Wide Web (WWW) made the information retrieval process inefficient and irrelevant due to poor linking of data. Expand
Quick Mapping Evaluator – application for ontology mapping evaluation: a case study on nuclear reactor domain
A comparative study of different string similarity metrics for ontology mapping using Quick Mapping Evaluator (QME) has been carried out. Expand
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Hierarchical segmentation of graphical interfaces for Document Object Model reconstruction
We experiment with a new approach that is able to reconstruct the hierarchical structure of elements displayed in the graphical layout. Expand
Learning to generate HTML code from images with no supervisory data
Transforming graphical designs into HTML code is a typical task of front-end web development which requires an expert programmer to spend a considerable amount of time, while this time can beExpand