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We consider the monitoring of a flow of incoming documents. More precisely, we present here the monitoring used in a very large warehouse built from XML documents found on the web. The flow of documents consists in XML pages (that are warehoused) and HTML pages (that are not). Our contributions are the following:<ul><li>a subscription language which(More)
In this paper we describe a MPEG-4 AFX compliant Skin&Bone based animation technique applied on a novel surface representation method, called MESHGRID, which is characterized by a connectivity-description defined in terms of a regular 3D grid of points, i.e. the reference-grid. The approach is based on deforming the regular reference-grid in order to obtain(More)
Ontologies are set to play a key role in the “Semantic Web”, extending syntactic interoperability to semantic interoperability by providing a source of shared, precisely defined terms. DAML+OIL is an ontology language specifically designed for use on the Web; it exploits existing Web standards (XML and RDF), adding the familiar ontological primitives of(More)
Most current multi-player 3D games can only be played on dedicated platforms, requiring specifically designed content and communication over a predefined network. To overcome these limitations, the OLGA (On-Line GAming) consortium has devised a framework to develop real distributive, multiplayer 3D games. Scalability at the level of content, platforms and(More)
In this paper, we propose an authoring tool referred to as ICCT (Interactive Content Creating Tool). The tool serves to easily generate as well as dynamically control a multimedia and interactive MPEG-4 content represented as a hierarchical scene graph. In the parametric mode of ICCT, scene-designer – using a user friendly interface for setting properties(More)