Mihai Olariu

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic hepatitis C may be the result of several factors: bone marrow inhibition, the decrease of liver thrombopoietin production and an autoimmune mechanism. Clinical variables such as age, gender, severity of liver disease and degree of viremia could influence the severity of platelet reduction. The(More)
Reactivation of hepatitis B virus is a complication of chronic or HBV infection in patients with malignancies, especially hematological disorders, under cytotoxic or immunosuppressive therapy. The immunosuppression favors HBV replication with the massive infection of hepatocytes. Once immunity is restored when chemotherapy therapy is discontinued, a rapid,(More)
UNLABELLED THE AIMS OF THE STUDY: Evaluation of the prevalence of HBV, HCV, HDV infection in patients with chronic lymphoproliferative diseases (CL), identification of the most involved viral genotypes, correlation between viremia dynamics and CL evolution, detection of molecular mechanisms implicated in CL pathogenesis, identification of lymphocytic(More)
The influence of some thymic extracts TP1 and TP2 on the number of hemolytic plaque-forming cells (PFC) in the mouse spleen, on the titre of serum antibodies, S-typhy antiflagelar agglutinins and anti-influenza antibodies, was investigated. The results have shown that the hemolytic plaque-forming cells in the mouse spleen increase significantly, 2.3 times(More)
A thymic polypeptidic extract with a molecular weight of under 10,000 daltons was used in in vitro experiments to test its effect on the E-rosetting reaction of the T-total and T-helper lymphocytes from the peripheral blood of patients with thyroid cancer, Cushing's syndrome and others, as well as from healthy persons. The effect of the extract on(More)
The authors investigated the effect of thymectomy and TP2 thymic polypeptide extract administration on total, esterified and free cholesterol in the plasma and the adrenals, as well as on plasma Na and K and plasma free total 11-hydroxycorticosteroids. The results showed that total, esterified and free cholesterol decrease in the adrenals by 23.20%, 28.57%(More)
Methods Between April 2011 and March 2013, 210 consecutive patients with chronic viral hepatitis were submitted. Patients with excessive alcohol consumption (above 20 g/ day for males, 10 g/day for females) have been excluded. The steatosis, necroinflammatory activity and fibrosis were estimated using FibroMax (non-invasive liver tests). The serological and(More)
The authors have investigated the influence of the thymus on peritoneal macrophages phagocytosis and antiflagellar agglutinin serum antibodies to "H" Salmonella typhi in the adult rat with diminished immunologic potential. The results show that the immune reactions diminish in intensity in the thymectomized animal. The immune reactions are also diminished(More)
Nowadays, because the synthesis of new materials is a very active field of research and industrial development, the different types of materials available for electromagnetic shielding structures is always increasing. Conducting polymers exhibit excellent electrical, electrochemical and optical properties; however the common usage of these materials has(More)