Mihai O. Dima

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The branching fractions of the exclusive decays B0-->K(*0)gamma and B+-->K(*+)gamma are measured from a sample of (22.74+/-0.36)x10(6) BB decays collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric e(+)e(-) collider. We find B (B0-->K(*0)gamma) = [4.23+/-0.40(stat)+/-0.22(syst)]x10(-5), B(B+-->K(*+)gamma) = [3.83+/-0.62(stat)+/-0.22(syst)]x10(-5) and(More)
We present an updated measurement of time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries in neutral B decays with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric B Factory at SLAC. This result uses an additional sample of Upsilon(4S) decays collected in 2001, bringing the data available to 32 x 10(6) BB macro pairs. We select events in which one neutral B meson is fully(More)
Platinum-coated, conductive atomic force microscope cantilevers were used to deposit electrophoretically purple membranes from Halobacterium salinarum on the bottom part of the cantilevers. By illuminating the bacteriorhodopsin-containing purple membranes, the protein goes through its photochemical reaction cycle, during which a conformational change(More)
“Particle”-trajectories are defined as integrable dxμdp μ = 0 paths in projective space. Quantum states evoluting on such trajectories, open or closed, do not delocalise in (x, p) projection, the phase associated to the trajectories being related to the previously known geometric (Berry) phase and to the Classical Mechanics action. High Energy Physics(More)
Flavor oscillations of neutral B mesons have been studied in e+e- annihilation data collected with the BABAR detector at center-of-mass energies near the upsilon(4S) resonance. The data sample used for this purpose consists of events in which one B0 meson is reconstructed in a hadronic decay mode, while the flavor of the recoiling B0 is determined with a(More)
We present the first study of rapidity gaps in ee annihilations, using Z decays collected by the SLD experiment at SLAC. Our measured rapidity gap spectra fall exponentially with increasing gap size over five decades, and we observe no anomalous class of events containing large gaps. This supports the interpretation of the large-gap events measured in pp(More)
The production of J/psi mesons in continuum e(+)e(-) annihilations has been studied with the BABAR detector at energies near the Upsilon(4S) resonance. The mesons are distinguished from J/psi production in B decays through their center-of-mass momentum and energy. We measure the cross section e(+)e(-)-->J/psi X to be 2.52+/-0.21+/-0.21 pb. We set a 90% C.L.(More)
We present the first measurement of the left-right charge asymmetry A Q in hadronic Z boson decays. This was performed at Ecm = 91.27 GeV with the SLD at the SLAC Linear Collider with a polarized electron beam. Using 89838 events, we obtain A Q = 0.225±0.056 ±0.019 which leads to a measurement of the electron left-right asymmetry parameter, Ae = 0.162±(More)
K. Abe,” I. Abt,14 C.J. Ahn,26 T. Akagi,2’ N.J. Allen,4 W.W. Ash,2’,* D. Aston,2’ K.G. Baird,24 C. Baltay,33 H.R. Band,” M.B. Barak&33 G. Baranko,‘O 0. Bardon,‘@ T. Barklow,” A.O. Bazarko,” R. Ben-David,33 A.C. Benvenuti ’ T. Bienz ” G M Bilei ” D Bisello Brau,“’ M. Breidenbach, . I ‘* G. Blaylock,’ J.R. Bogart,z’ T. B&on,” G.R. Bo~er,~’ J.E. ‘27 W.b.(More)