Mihai Nicolescu

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Pocket milling operation is one of the widely used milling operations. CAM packages offer different tool path strategies to execute a machining operation. In the presented work zigzag, constant overlap spiral, parallel spiral and oneway tool path strategies were compared in terms of power and energy consumption for pocket milling of Al 6061 aluminum alloy.(More)
We present the preparation, structural and magnetic properties of nanosized magnetite obtained by the crystallization of a series of Fe-containing borosilicate glasses. Several compositions with the ratio Fe2O3/SiO2 spanning from 0.37 to 0.67 were investigated as a function of two nucleators Cr2O3 and P2O5, respectively, and modifiers and intermediates(More)
Our life is strongly linked with the usage of natural resources. Energy is a necessity in everyday life and is often generated using non-renewable natural resources which are finite. Energy consumption in manufacturing industry is increasing and the way it is consumed is not sustainable. There is great concern about minimizing consumption of energy in(More)
The finite element based machining simulations have been used widely in industry and academia to analyze the machining process. These virtual machining simulations have advantages over the real machining experiments due to the immense potential of saving time and expenses. The simulation techniques are even more popular when machining difficult to cut(More)
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