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Our understanding of how mammalian sensory circuits are organized and develop has long been hindered by the lack of genetic markers of neurons with discrete functions. Here, we report a transgenic mouse selectively expressing GFP in a complete mosaic of transient OFF-alpha retinal ganglion cells (tOFF-alphaRGCs). This enabled us to relate the mosaic(More)
Certain ganglion cells in the retina respond sensitively to differential motion between the receptive field center and surround, as produced by an object moving over the background, but are strongly suppressed by global image motion, as produced by the observer's head or eye movements. We investigated the circuit basis for this object motion sensitive (OMS)(More)
Inhibitory interneurons help transform the input of a neural circuit into its output. Such interneurons are diverse, and most have unknown function. To study the function of single amacrine cells in the intact salamander retina, we recorded extracellularly from a population of ganglion cells with a multielectrode array, while simultaneously recording from(More)
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