Mihai Iordache

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230 Abstract — The paper is focused on a new and practical approach to perform sensitivity and tolerance analysis of analog lumped circuits. Any linear circuit can contain passive elements, magnetically coupled inductors, excess elements, and any type of independent and controlled sources. Special strategies based on symbolic methods are used in order to(More)
In this paper, we present a new method for the modeling and characterization of oscillator circuit with a Van-Der Pol (VDP) model using parameter identification. We also discussed and investigated the problem of estimation in nonlinear system based on time domain data. The approach is based on an appropriate state space representation of Van der Pol(More)
The simulation of large-scale analog circuits is very expensive. Instead of the circuit complex model, reduction of the computing effort implies using a macromodel capable to capture the behaviors of the original circuit while preserving its essential properties. Building such a model is based on a simplified and unitary description of the circuit, by(More)
This paper presents a new software which can generate in full-symbolic or numeric-symbolic form the Y, Z, H, and fundamental parameters of a two-port structure. Our procedure can also determine all the resonant frequencies of any two-port configuration as functions of the two-port circuit parameters. The procedure is based on the modified nodal equations in(More)
Developing procedures for safely and accuracy wireless energy transfer is still a challenge and an actual research theme. The focus of this paper is to highlight some aspects regarding wireless power transfer and the necessary conditions of this process. Thus, we analyze: the mutual inductance expression and the computation of inductivity for any(More)
The paper treats the wireless power transfer systems with series-series resonators from the point of view of the frequency splitting and bifurcation phenomena. We develop an exact mathematical model of the splitting phenomena (splitting equation) based on the algebraic equation theory, which allows finding exact values of the splitting frequencies. This is(More)
In this paper we present a new tearing technique to systematically formulate the state equations in symbolic normal-form for linear and/or nonlinear time-invariant large-scale analog circuits. The excess elements of the first and of the second kind are unitarily treated in order to allow a symbolic representation of the circuit with a minimum number of(More)