Mihai Grigore

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We present three corpus-based studies on symbol declaration in mathematical writing. We focus on simple object denoting symbols which may be part of larger expressions. We look into whether the symbols are explicitly introduced into the discourse and whether the information on once interpreted symbols can be used to interpret structurally related symbols.(More)
We present a method for determining the context-dependent denotation of simple object-denoting mathematical expressions in mathematical documents. Our approach relies on estimating the similarity between the linguistic context within which the given expression occurs and a set of terms from a flat domain taxonomy of mathematical concepts; one of 7 head(More)
The ARXMLIV corpus is a remarkable collection of text containing scientific mathematical discourse. With more than half a million documents, it is an ambitious target for large scale linguistic and semantic analysis, requiring a generalized and distributed approach. In this paper we implement an architecture which solves and automates the issues of(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a new optimal method for hardware implementation of a multiplication algorithm using multifunctional registers (MFR) with decoded inputs, based on transfer matrix method. The implementation cost is calculated emphasizing the most economical solutions. Low cost is taken into account. The modern design tools handle digital(More)
Knowledge reuse is of increasing importance for organizations. Despite the extant research, we still do not adequately understand the ways peers are motivated to reuse knowledge with the help of wiki technologies. In this paper, we study the motivation for knowledge reuse in a prominent instance of online social production: Wikipedia. Studying knowledge(More)
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