Mihai Gabureac

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Nanoscale electron-induced reactions being triggered by a finely focused electron beam in modern scanning electron microscopes are commonly used to pattern surfaces of thin films of irradiation sensitive material. Classical polymer and inorganic resist films allow precise masks to be defined for further deposition or etching process steps in the(More)
We investigated the performance of Hall sensors with different Co-C ratios, deposited directly in nanostructured form, using Co(2)(CO)(8) gas molecules, by focused-electron or ion-beam-induced deposition. Due to the enhanced intergrain scattering in these granular wires, the extraordinary Hall effect can be increased by two orders of magnitude with respect(More)
In this paper we present a model for local gas assisted focused electron beam induced deposition which allows estimating the surface diffusion coefficient and the residence time of volatile precursor adsorbates. Elaborating the existing continuum model for one adsorbate species and using a novel set of parameters we simplified the differential equation(More)
Hydrocarbons inherently present in standard high-vacuum scanning electron microscopes can be favorably used for co-deposition with functional molecules injected into the chamber. By varying the beam exposure pulse time the carbon content incorporated into the deposit can be tuned. In the particular case when the hydrocarbons are provided by surface(More)
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