Mihai Dragos Mălîia

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OBJECTIVES Intracranial direct electrical stimulation (iDES) uses different parameters for mapping the epileptogenic and functional areas in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. We aim at finding the common factor driving the electrographic responses to various iDES protocols reported in the literature. METHODS We recorded early responses to(More)
BACKGROUND Effective connectivity can be explored using direct electrical stimulations in patients suffering from drug-resistant focal epilepsies and investigated with intracranial electrodes. Responses to brief electrical pulses mimic the physiological propagation of signals and manifest as cortico-cortical evoked potentials (CCEP). The first CCEP(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate how often discharge propagation occurs within the spikes recorded in patients evaluated for epilepsy surgery, and to assess its impact on the accuracy of source imaging. METHODS Data were analyzed from 50 consecutive patients who had presurgical workup. Discharge propagation was analyzed using sequential voltage-maps of the(More)
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