Mihai Draganescu

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Decision support systems (DSS) are human-centered information systems meant to help managers placed on different authority levels to make more efficient and effective decisions for problems evincing an imperfect structure. These systems are very suitable information tools to apply to various management and control problems that are complex and complicated(More)
The birth of a universe is described as having two main stages: a) a phenomenological informational process that generates the fundamental phenomenological information of the universe; b) an in-formational-energetic process which produces the structural universe. It is shown that the laws of the universe have a semantic origin , producing a cellular(More)
In this paper it is shown that the product of categories and the product of functors may be extended from the structural to the phenomenological domains. For the phenomenological domains the products of functors applies both to functors and autofunctors. Examples of such products representing feasible physical and informational processes are given in the(More)