Mihai Draganescu

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In a previous paper I considered that "the condition of significance is obligatory for intelligence" [1]. Recently, Roger Penrose considers that intelligence requires understanding, and understanding requires awareness [2]. Certainly, Penrose is writing about human or natural intelligence. Besides, for him, artificial intelligence is an intelligent(More)
The birth of a universe is described as having two main stages: a) a phenomenological informational process that generates the fundamental phenomenological information of the universe; b) an in-formational-energetic process which produces the structural universe. It is shown that the laws of the universe have a semantic origin , producing a cellular(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) are human-centered information systems meant to help managers placed on different authority levels to make more efficient and effective decisions for problems evincing an imperfect structure. These systems are very suitable information tools to apply to various management and control problems that are complex and complicated(More)
The Internet is the main technological vector of the information society. For the knowledge society were defined technological and functional vectors [1]. These are not only theoretical concepts, they are pillars for action toward such a society. Broadband Internet becomes together with artificial intelligence the main technological vectors for the(More)
The consolidation of the idea of a Global Information Society with the extension of the Internet and World-Wide-Web (WWW); The tendency towards virtual global plants for designing and manufacturing integrated circuits; The recognition of the relation between molecular electronics and the possibility to explain the nature of life; The new tendency, at a(More)
In the first part of the paper it is shown that both the quantum physics and the science of mind and consciousness are going together toward a unique frontier of science, the sructuralphenomenological frontier. The problem of the phenomenological information unifies the two frontiers of the quantum world and of consciousness into one. Still, this frontier(More)