Mihai Chiroiu

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Recent literature on iOS security has focused on the malicious potential of third-party applications, demonstrating how developers can bypass application vetting and code-level protections. In addition to these protections, iOS uses a generic sandbox profile called "container" to confine malicious or exploited third-party applications. In this paper, we(More)
Collaborative technologies have gained popularity due to the widespread adoption of cloud computing and web applications. Services like Google Docs, Office 365 can make one's documents accessible from everywhere, allowing real-time cooperative editing by multiple authors. From a security standpoint, they may offer transport protection by means of TLS, but(More)
Videos streaming is one of the top most used services delivered by Internet Service Providers. In contrast to classical video services, the streaming solutions offer interaction with the user and provide real-time feedback. In this paper we analyze the quality of the delivered video over MPLS networks, on of the most used technologies inside an ISP. We(More)
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