Mihai Cernea

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This paper proposes a complete framework for remote rendering of 3D and complex 2D applications. The retained approach is based on standardized video encoding and interactivity streaming methods and was developed within the framework of the Kusanagi project. The complete architecture of the gaming platform is described and especially we have developed an(More)
The acaricidal effect of eleven essential oils (Sweet basil, Common juniper, Atlas cedar, Coriander, Blue gum, European silver fir, Common lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Scots pine, Summer savory) against poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae was tested in vitro using the direct contact method, at three different doses: 0.2 mg/cm2, 0.4 mg/cm2 and 0.6 mg/cm2.(More)
Lanthanum and niobium doped PZT with composition (Pb0.93La0.07)[(Zr0.60Ti0.40)]0.9825Nb0.0175O3 (PZTLN) was prepared by the gel-combustion method. A precursor sol was obtained from lead nitrate, zirconyl nitrate, lanthanum oxide, peroxo-citrato-niobium and a peroxo-citrate complex of titanium isopropoxide as starting precursors. Various molar ratios of(More)
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