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Even the existence of virtual experiments is not a novelty in the technical world, their introduction in the educational process is quite recent. In this sense, trying to asses the pedagogical use of virtual experiments, this work presents the results collected from 24 Romanian in-service teachers involved in teaching activities in Dambovita County(More)
The citizens benefit of technological progress in an equitable and non-discriminatory way in the Knowledge Society. Being part of the long-term governmental strategy, the permanent upgrading of the access to information and expanding of the Internet represent the main pillars of the actions developed in the field of education. In this direction, the(More)
The virtual instrumentation can be used in the educational contexts for simulating the real phenomena which are taking place in different systems. In practical training it can be a proper solution for teaching the pupils how to design their own learning experiments for obtaining of a better and deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts. This paper(More)
This paper presents some basic approaches, strategies, methodologies used for developing information systems, in general, and decision support systems, in particular. The classical and iterative designing methods are widely used in information systems development. Each method is generally presented and there are highlighted the advantages and disadvantages(More)
Nowadays, the videoconference represents a spread technology in the distant training processes but experienced also in the traditional ones, mostly in the frame of national and international projects. Taking into consideration the last type of actions, the paper emphasizes on the main aspects carried out for organizing a Meeting with European Science(More)
Nowadays, it is an evidence considering the Knowledge Society as a result of advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) where people from all over the world have many benefits from the technological progress. In this sense, it is clear that the introduction of ICT in education has changed the traditional way of teaching and learning and(More)