Mihaela Teodora Matache

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This study considers a simple Boolean network with N nodes, each node's state at time t being determined by a certain number of parent nodes. The network is analyzed when the connectivity k is fixed or variable. Making use of a Boolean rule that is a generalization of Rule 22 of elementary cellular automata, a generalized formula for providing the(More)
An asynchronous Boolean network with N nodes whose states at each time point are determined by certain parent nodes is considered. We make use of the models developed by Matache and Heidel [Matache, M.T., Heidel, J., 2005. Asynchronous random Boolean network model based on elementary cellular automata rule 126. Phys. Rev. E 71, 026232] for a constant number(More)
In this paper we provide a mean-field Boolean network model for a signal transduction network of a generic fibroblast cell. The network consists of several main signaling pathways, including the receptor tyrosine kinase, the G-protein coupled receptor, and the Integrin signaling pathway. The network consists of 130 nodes, each representing a signaling(More)
This study provides an analysis of the dynamics of fixed-size directed Boolean networks governed by generalizations of elementary cellular au-tomata rules 22 and 126, under a power-law distribution of parent nodes and a popularity parent assignment. The analysis shows the existence of a two-piece chaotic attractor for smaller values of the power-law(More)
An algebraic method for information fusion based on nonadditive set functions is used to assess the joint contribution of Boolean network attributes to the sensitivity of the network to individual node mutations. The node attributes or characteristics under consideration are: in-degree, out-degree, minimum and average path lengths, bias, average sensitivity(More)
In this paper we generate upper and lower bounds for the sensitivity to noise of a Boolean function using relaxed assumptions on input choices and noise. The robustness of a Boolean network to noisy inputs is related to the average sensitivity of that function. The average sensitivity measures how sensitive to changes in the inputs the output of the(More)
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