Mihaela Marcella Vida

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An extremely important area in which there is also vital information needed in different locations is the healthcare domain. In the areas of healthcare there is an important exchange of information since there are many departments where a patient can be sent for investigation. In this regard cloud computing is a technology that could really help supporting(More)
It is extremely important for the healthcare domain to have a standardized communication because will improve the quality of information and in the end the resulting benefits will improve the quality of patients' life. The standards proposed to be used are: HL7 CDA and CCD. For a better access to the medical data a solution based on cloud computing (CC) is(More)
The interoperability of healthcare information system is an important issue in medical informatics field. It is important to increase the life expectancy, reduce medical errors and provide more medical information for medical personal. For achieving the interoperability of healthcare information systems is important to have a standardized communication.(More)
The paper presents a method connecting medical databases to a medical decision system, and describes a service created to extract the necessary information that is transferred based on standards. The medical decision can be improved based on many inputs from different medical locations. The developed solution is described for a concrete case concerning the(More)
The paper presents the steps and metrics for evaluating the interoperability of an Obstetrics-Gynecology Department Information System applied on Bega Clinic Timisoara regarding its readiness for interoperability in relation with similar systems. The developed OGD IS was modeled starting from the Generic Component Model and sends information to other(More)
The aim of the paper is to implement an artificially intelligent assessment system that is based on a modified fuzzy inference system. This system reduces the rate of patient complications. This inference system, consisting of 246 rules, avoids the defuzzification process and offers the final result in natural language form. 51 of the rules indicate that(More)
Using data mining in collaboration with Clinical Decision Support Systems adds new knowledge as support for medical diagnosis. The current work presents a tool which translates data mining rules supporting generation of medical advices to Arden Syntax formalism. The developed system was tested with data related to 2326 births that took place in 2010 at the(More)
The paper presents a framework supporting interoperability between software solutions developed to support activities in obstetrics - gynecology department and pediatrics department in a big hospital, experience that can be extended to other similar hospitals. The goal is to improve medical workflow and processes in obstetrics - gynecology and pediatrics(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of lumbar spine pathology represents a complex process involving many and diverse parameters that should to be investigated and processed. In order to properly approach the computer assisted treatment and diagnosis this paper presents a model of the process using BPMN and also a UML model for implementation. The data is supplied(More)
It is important to have all the medical information of the patient on electronic support. At this point it is important that all medical information to be available in real time. Working with a great amount of data the medical staff will need focused information to support their activities related to diagnosis and treatment. The paper presents a tool which(More)
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