Mihaela Gordan

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Visual speech recognition is an emerging research field. In this paper, we examine the suitability of support vector machines for visual speech recognition. Each word is modeled as a temporal sequence of visemes corresponding to the different phones realized. One support vector machine is trained to recognize each viseme and its output is converted to a(More)
In this paper we proposed a visual speech recognition network based on Support Vector Machines. Each word of the dictionary is modeled by a set of temporal sequences of visemes. Each viseme is described by a support vector machine, and the temporal character of speech is modeled by integrating the support vector machines as nodes into Viterbi decoding(More)
—The perspective projection models the way a 3D scene is transformed into a 2D image, usually through a camera or an eye. In a projective transformation, parallel lines intersect in a point called vanishing point. This paper presents in detail two calibration methods that exploit the properties of vanishing points. The aim of the paper is to offer a(More)
Speech recognition based on visual information is an emerging research field. We propose here a new system for the recognition of visual speech based on support vector machines which proved to be powerful classifiers in other visual tasks. We use support vector machines to recognize the mouth shape corresponding to different phones produced. To model the(More)
Sparse representations provide a powerful framework for various image processing tasks, among which image recovery seems to be an already classical application. While most developments of image recovery applications are focused on finding the best dictionary, the possibility of using already existing sparse image representations tends to be ignored. This is(More)
This paper introduces the vanishing points to self-calibrate a structured light system. The vanishing points permit to automatically remove the projector’s keystone effect and then to self-calibrate the projector–camera system. The calibration object is a simple planar surface such as a white paper. Complex patterns and 3D calibrated objects are not(More)
—The development of computer-aided solutions able to suggest the right facial makeup is a recent trend in image analysis applications, from which both amateurs and professionals could benefit significantly. The global harmony of a person is highly valuable when choosing makeup colors to make a person looking lovely. The global harmony is evaluated taking(More)