Mihaela Brumen

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Altered expressions of the key enzymes in arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism, prostaglandin synthase 1 and 2 and cysteinyl leukotriene C4 synthase, are of importance in understanding aspirin-induced asthma. We propose a mathematical model of AA metabolism and its interaction with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Model simulations depict the(More)
Shape changes and vesiculation were induced in intact human erythrocytes by gradually decreasing pH in the cell suspension. A sequence of different shapes preceding vesiculation was documented, i.e. discocytes, stomatocytes, and stomatoacantocytes. The final state was characterized by spherical mother cells and vesicles released. Low pH-induced vesiculation(More)
Spectroscopic techniques have been widely employed to analyze properties of macromolecules and dynamics of intracellular events on bulk preparations of cells. The development of computer controlled microspectrophotometers has made possible the study of the same events in single cells, often providing significant and unexpected results. This paper briefly(More)
A model is presented of the pH-dependence of the number of oxygen-linked chloride binding sites established by nuclear magnetic resonance quadrupole-relaxation studies on various mutant and chemically modified hemoglobins. The predictions of the model are in good qualitative agreement with the measured pH-dependences of the linewidth of the 35Cl- NMR(More)
The kinetics of ligand uptake by erythrocytes has been analyzed by single cell microspectroscopy measurements carried out in parallel with mathematical simulations. The main experimental feature is the linear shape of the ligand binding progress curves, whose slope is dependent on the free ligand concentration in the speciman. From the computer simulation a(More)
A mechanism for indirect allosteric action of charged effectors on substrate binding to a macromolecule is proposed. It is accounted for by electrostatic interaction among effectors in the solution, away from their receptors. The possibility of the mechanism proposed is tested in the allosteric action of univalent salt and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate on oxygen(More)
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