Mihael Mohorcic

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Next-generation satellite networks are expected to provide a variety of applications with diverse performance requirements, which will call for the development of adaptive routing procedures supporting different levels of services. In this paper, we propose traffic class dependent (TCD) routing, which has the potential to differentiate between traffic(More)
One of the main challenges already faced by communication networks is the efficient management of increasing complexity. The recently proposed concept of cognitive network appears as a candidate that can address this issue. In this paper, we survey the existing research work on cognitive networks, as well as related and enabling techniques and technologies.(More)
Provision of broadband services is raising increasing challenges, particularly in operating environments requiring wireless access. In this context an emerging solution based on aerial platforms is attracting increasing amounts of research effort. This concept combines some of the best characteristics of terrestrial and satellite communication systems, and(More)
We propose a framework for dynamic composition of communication services that is well suited for facilitating research and prototyping on real experimental infrastructures of remotely configurable embedded devices. By using the concept of composability, our framework supports modular component development for various networking functions, thereby promoting(More)
An overview of CAPANINA, a project funded by the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme, is presented. The project is developing communications technologies for use with aerial platforms with the aim of integrating users in hard to reach areas and those disadvantaged by geography into the wider broadband network. The article discusses the three broad(More)