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We present Swift, a system that combines a novel scripting language called SwiftScript with a powerful runtime system based on CoG Karajan, Falkon, and Globus to allow for the concise specification, and reliable and efficient execution, of large loosely coupled computations. Swift adopts and adapts ideas first explored in the GriPhyN virtual data system,(More)
Grid computing provides the infrastructure necessary to access and use distributed resources as part of virtual organizations. When used in this way, Grid computing makes it possible for users to participate in collaborative and distributed applications such as tele-immersion, visualization, and computational simulation. Some of these applications operate(More)
Scientists, engineers, and statisticians must execute domain-specific application programs many times on large collections of file-based data. This activity requires complex orchestration and data management as data is passed to, from, and among application invocations. Distributed and parallel computing resources can accelerate such processing, but their(More)
Scripting has accelerated and simplified programming by focusing on the composition of existing codes to form more powerful applications. Parallel scripting makes it possible to quickly develop highly parallel applications that run efficiently on a 16‐core workstation, a 16,000‐core cluster, or a 160,000‐core petascale system. John Ousterhout aptly(More)
  • Gregor Von Laszewski, Kaizar Amin, Mihael Hategan, Nestor J Zaluzec, Shawn Hampton, Albert Rossi
  • 2003
Process management is an extremely important concept in both business and scientific communities. Several work-flow management tools have been proposed in recent years offering advanced functionality in various domains. In the business world, workflow vendors offer commercial and customized solutions targeting specific users. In the scientific world,(More)
We review the efforts of the Open Grid Computing Environments collaboration. By adopting a general three-tiered architecture based on common standards for portlets and Grid Web Services, we can deliver numerous capabilities to science gateways from our diverse constituent efforts. In this paper, we discuss our support for standards-based Grid portlets using(More)
In this paper we present the Coaster System. It is an automatically-deployed node provisioning (Pilot Job) system for grids, clouds, and ad-hoc desktop-computer networks supporting file staging, on-demand opportunistic multi-node allocation, remote logging, and remote monitoring. The Coaster System has been previously [32] shown to work at scales of(More)
Parallel scripting is a loosely-coupled programming model in which applications are composed of highly parallel scripts of program invocations that process and exchange data via files. We characterize here the applications that can benefit from parallel scripting on petascale-class machines, describe the mechanisms that make this feasible on such systems,(More)