Mihael Georgiev

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The study compared, by a prospective, randomized method, 6 treatment options: A: Sclerotherapy; B: High-dose sclerotherapy; C: Multiple ligations; D: Stab avulsion; E: Foam-sclerotherapy; F: Surgery (ligation) followed by sclerotherapy. Results were analyzed 10 years after inclusion and initial treatment. Endpoints of the study were variations in ambulatory(More)
Superficial vein thrombosis is characterized by clotting of superficial veins (ie, following direct trauma) with minimal inflammatory components. Superficial thrombophlebitis is a minimally thrombotic process of superficial veins associated with inflammatory changes and/or infection. Treatments generally include analgesics, elastic compression,(More)
BACKGROUND Duplex evaluation of varicose veins has been described since 1986, but is still not used as routine examination prior to surgery. OBJECTIVE To illustrate the importance of preoperative duplex varicose vein scan for the selection of operation and as a guide to surgery. METHODS Illustration of varicose patterns and anatomical details provided(More)
AIM This long-term (10-year) study evaluated the safety and efficacy of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) external valve support (EVS) implants used for external valvuloplasty in the treatment of incompetence of the proximal long saphenous veins. METHODS During a 10-year follow-up, patients with superficial venous disease and venous hypertension(More)
Retroperitoneoscopic approach is gradually becoming the method of choice in many urologic diseases. In this article we analyse and present the first cases of urological retroperitoneoscopic operations performed in the Department of Urology of the University Hospital "Akeksandrovska". For the period from May 2006 to March 2009 35 extra- and(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) To describe patients presenting with sciatic nerve varices (SNV), presenting pitfalls in diagnosis and management. DESIGN Case series. METHODS Patients were investigated using duplex ultrasonography pre-operatively in three cases. Treatment was undertaken both by surgery and by foam sclerotherapy. RESULTS Clinically, SNV appeared just(More)
The local recurrence of the renal cell carcinoma in renal fossa after complete radical nephrectomy is uncommon. According to the latest articles related to this issue it ranges between 2% and 4%. For the period of 1999-2005 we evaluated 11 patients who underwent surgery for isolated renal cell carcinoma recurrence, all of them without clinical presence of(More)