Miha Mlakar

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This paper proposes a novel surrogate-model-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm called Differential Evolution for Multiobjective Optimization Based on Gaussian Process Models (GP-DEMO). The algorithm is based on the newly defined relations for comparing solutions under uncertainty. These relations minimize the possibility of wrongly performed(More)
Continuous casting is a widely used steel production process. To yield high-quality steel, the casting parameters have to be tuned with respect to several contradictory criteria. We approached this multiobjective optimization problem in discrete and continuous variants, applying Exhaustive Search (ES) and Differential Evolution for Multiobjective(More)
Wearable devices are heavily used in many sports. However, the existing sports wearables are either not tennis-specific, or are limited to information on shots. We therefore added tennis-specific information to a leading commercial device. Firstly, we developed a method for classifying shot types into forehand, backhand and serve. Secondly, we used(More)
Manipulations of oxygen content in inspired air are commonly used to enhance erythropoiesis. Recently, relative changes in tissue oxygenation above hypoxic level, using hyperoxic breathing, have also been shown to stimulate erythropoietin EPO concentration. This study investigated plasma EPO levels [EPO] in eighteen subjects before, between and after 1 h of(More)
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